To Purge or not to Purge and Other Juicy News

May 6, 2019

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When you need to purge the toxic people in your life...


Facebook is saying “same.” After facing severe backlash for its part in disseminating misinformation and hate speech, the social media behemoth has begun a major purge campaign banning controversial influencers like right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the anti-Semitic Islamic leader Louis Farrakhan, white supremacist Paul Nehlen and other “dangerous individuals and organizations.”


Many criticize Facebook for giving those affected by the bans forewarning, so as to give them a chance to redirect their followers to other platforms. Alex Jones, for example, broadcasted his imminent ban on Facebook, calling the social media giant’s move “Chinese-style ‘social credit score’ censorship’” that aims to “politically isolate President Trump ahead of 2020 by chilling independent speech.”


President Trump himself is not a fan of the Facebook bans. In a barrage of tweets, he sided with those banned and condemned the site, exclaiming, “It’s getting worse and worse for Conservatives on social media!”   


Facebook doubled-down, maintaining that these measures aren’t meant to promote a liberal agenda or infringe on free speech—but to protect users from the influence of dangerous extremists.


As a spokesperson for the company said, “We've always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology."


What do you think: Is Facebook right to ban these individuals and organizations, or is it violating the right to free speech? Should it leave the content posted on its site up to the discretion of its users? We’re interested to hear your insights.


What’s stuck in your head after finally watching Jordan Peele’s “Us”?


I got five on it. Britain is singing the same tune—5G that is. Let’s backtrack a bit though. The fifth generation (5G) of wireless networking technology is supposed to revolutionize telecommunications and, ultimately, change the world.


This generation will enable faster connection speeds among more devices and reduce lag time for the network to respond, which is especially important for self-driving automobile applications. It will also provide better internet access to rural areas and is estimated to create 3 million new jobs, as well as impact various facets of tech like military tracking equipment, sensors, drones, electronic health systems, smartwatches and cellphones of course.   


Now Britain is teaming up with Huawei Technologies, the Chinese-based global leader in telecommunications equipment, despite the company’s ongoing conflict with one of Britain’s most powerful allies, i.e. the U.S. Britain is granting the company limited access to allow it to help build its 5G network.  


If Britain follows through, it could cause a major rift between them and the U.S. as they align themselves with our enemy in the brimming tech Cold War.


Our pick for best advertisement of the month!


Alright let’s end this on a positive note to make your day—and perhaps even your night.


Is there anything better than watching cute animals nap? That was rhetorical. Obviously the answer is no. That’s why the mattress company Casper stole our hearts with their adorable “Creatures of Comfort” ad.


The message and delivery are simple enough, featuring the likes of goats, bunnies, kittens, and even hedgehogs as mattress-testing experts. The result is 30 seconds of heartwarming bliss.


As the commercial narrator says, “Some things just don’t need words.”



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