The Squeeze: August 2018 Edition

August 30, 2018

Thirsty for knowledge? Get a taste of the juiciest marketing news with The Squeeze! We deliver industry highlights straight to your inbox to get your creative juices flowing. From P&G trying to hang with millennials to best practices for establishing and marketing your employer brand, here is what's happening for August.


 P&G gets serious FOMO with millennials


Consumer goods conglomerate Procter & Gamble Co. is trying to hang with the kids. In an effort to appeal to millennial audiences, the company has applied to trademark slang terms like LOL, WTF, NBD and FML to use for its products.


The driving force behind these developments comes from the company’s new board member Nelson Peltz, who criticized P&G for not being able to keep up with the market. TBD on how this new strategy will play out. 


Uber shifts gears


It’s been a bumpy road for Uber the last couple years. Sexual harassment allegations, federal investigations on illegal software use, a slew of C-suite resignations—the list goes on and on.


After all the rough patches, the company isn’t just “moving forward.” It’s completely changing direction. Uber is diversifying its business to pursue other business ventures, like bike- and scooter-sharing as well as autonomous vehicles.


This shift ushers in a broad range of competitors, everyone from automotive giants like Ford to startups like Bird. Only time will tell where Uber will go with this new direction.



How to establish and market your employer brand


We talk a lot about how crucial employer branding is, like how it can save your company millions by reducing organizational turnover and boosting employee engagement.


Acknowledging its importance is only the beginning though. The hard part is taking action to establish and apply it. Lucky for you, we have just what you need!


Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Abigail Horne provided a step-by-step guide to developing and marketing employer brand in a great webinar she did for The Muse and Greenhouse Software. Check out her full presentation by clicking on the image below.




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