The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2018

December 20, 2018


We're rising above 2018 and ready for the New Year! But first thank everyone who has helped us have our best year yet! Our mission is to serve clients through the power of storytelling. In sharing who they are, we pave the path for the right people to find them.


What our clients may not realize though is that by letting us tell their story, they help us write our own. And we couldn't be more thrilled to see where this next chapter takes us. Cheers and Happy Holidays! 🥂


Beyond Fear Tactics: A Story of Human Triumph


One of the highlights of our year was working with our friends over at the cybersecurity firm Sherlock. They needed to complete several projects on a tight deadline before their big conference in Las Vegas. We helped them with a brand redesign, a new website, social media and SEO strategies and a couple videos to top it off.


In devising their brand strategy, we wanted Sherlock to go in an entirely new direction from the industry. Most cybersecurity firms use fear tactics in their messaging, admonishing audiences with cliché images of a hooded silhouette wreaking havoc from behind a glaring computer screen.


What we ended up with was a story that celebrates the creativity of mankind—despite all of its imperfections—and what it can accomplish with the right tools and skills. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Sherlock story unfolds by checking out the video below!



The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2018


In a sea of distractions, it’s hard to make quality content that stands out. Marketers take risks to resonate with their audiences, which can have polarizing effects.


Sometimes creatives roll the dice, and their work becomes a cultural sensation. For example, Ad Age just dubbed Nike Marketer of the Year for 2018 for their campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, calling it a “textbook example of how a marketer can change a conversation.”


Other times, brands try to do something memorable that ends up being a total disaster, like when Domino’s launched a campaign offering free pizzas to customers who got tattoos of their logo. Turns out, the company drastically underestimated what people would do in the name of free pizza. What was supposed to be a two-month campaign lasted only five days and had the company scrambling to shut it down.


For more on this and other embarrassing marketing fails of 2018, read the full article here.


CCA’s Not-So-Secret Admirers


We are proud to partner with clients devoted to benefiting our local community. That’s why we want to applaud the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) for earning their place on the Portland Business Journal’s list of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies for 2018.

After working with this incredible organization on their 10th Annual CCA Invitational, we know firsthand how deserving they are of this honor. We helped them with a brand redesign and a new website for the event, which ended up raising a record-breaking sum of over $350,000 and helped them exceed their lifetime goal of a million dollars.


To make it on the Most Admired Companies list, local business owners from nearly 1,000 Oregon companies gathered together in downtown Portland for what was the biggest business event of the season. Owners voted on companies from various industries across nine different categories.

The results of this vote put the Children’s Cancer Association in the No. 2 spot in the nonprofit category. Congratulations to our partners at CCA for this outstanding achievement!


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