7 Ways to Attract Top Talent Through Social Recruiting

September 15, 2017


Love it or hate it, social media is necessary for every business. It’s a powerful, cost-effective tool that will help you find your niche in the digital void because—let’s face it—without an online presence, your business might as well not exist.


These platforms offer numerous benefits, including but not limited to: helping your business gain exposure, driving traffic to your website, promoting your products and services and connecting with your customers. In fact, 90 percent of businesses reported that social media helped them gain exposure, while 69 percent even said that it garnered a loyal consumer base.


Beyond these benefits though, there’s another important way networking sites can help. They enable you to target and attract more potential candidates to your site. Best part is you don’t have to cast a big net to get top talent and spend beaucoup bucks on ineffective marketing strategies. For a fraction of the price, you can hook the best candidates with social media to form an even better team.


These seven tips outline the best practices for establishing, implementing and maintaining your social media to attract the crème de la crème of candidates in your industry.


1. Identify target candidates. Millennial has been a hot buzzword for years. This demographic is the largest in U.S. history and will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. That’s not to say you should target this group alone though. First, you need to find out what type of employees your business lacks.


Whether you’re an accounting firm that needs more senior leadership for internal guidance or a tech startup that needs more female representation to better connect with the market, it’s important to address your needs before getting started.


2. Use their platforms. Once you’ve identified the type of candidates you’d like to attract, you need to find out where they spend their time online. With 79 percent of job seekers using social media to find employment, the best candidates are out there—you just have to get yourself in front of them. LinkedIn and Facebook are must-have building blocks for your online presence.


It’s worth noting too that YouTube is the second largest search engine, so you may want to consider producing video content for your business to boost your exposure. Whether you want to use other platforms, like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, totally depends on the nature of your business and whom you’re targeting.


3. Promote your company culture. Culture is a huge asset in making your business appeal to top talent, so it’s certainly something you want to highlight in your social media. Posting pictures of company outings or videos that offer an inside look at your office are great ways to give your business a more human feel. It’ll engage consumers and candidates alike and may even encourage potential candidates to reach out to your employees.


Plus, culture is poised to become even more important as millennials dominate the workforce. This generation cites work culture as one of the top three most important aspects of their professional lives.


4. Connect with industry influencers. Another way to bolster your business is by following and interacting with leaders in your industry on social media. These connections will enhance your reputation by association, provide more key insights about the market, extend your reach online and much more. Not to mention, your target candidates may be following the same influencers you do, so if you’re interacting with influencer content, those candidates are likely to follow you too.


5. Produce quality content. It’s one thing to follow thought leaders—but your goal should be to become one. The best way to do that is to produce your own original material. In fact, Nielsen reports that pushing out quality content is the most important way to promote your brand. Giving your audience something to react to and learn from is a key component to engagement. If you don’t have a voice in the industry, then why would anyone be inspired to work for you? Creating quality content will not only attract more people to your company but also boost morale among your employees.


6. Get internal and external reviews to build reputation. Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing, even in the digital age. Ninety percent of consumers read online reviews before even considering to use a business’s products or services. However, this trend doesn’t just apply to consumers. An estimated 70 percent of job seekers use reviews to inform their career decisions. Google, Yelp, Glassdoor and Facebook are your review go-tos.


If your business doesn’t have any reviews—or even an account—on these sites, candidates will be weary of working for you. Start an internal campaign to get all your employees to rate your company and share their experiences. If the idea of doing that makes you cringe, maybe you need to reassess your workplace culture.


7. Implement social media ads. LinkedIn isn’t the only platform to target qualified jobs seekers through ads. Facebook has a robust screening process to find potential employees with an astounding 89 percent accuracy. With filters for location, demographics, behaviors and interests, Facebook has more intel to inform its ad targeting than any other medium. Plus, you can use Facebook’s occupation targeting to advertise only to people who have job titles, are members of groups, follow influencers or like any posts that pertain to your industry. Either way, social media ads are a powerful tool to help you find that perfect candidate.


Equipping your company with the best team is never easy, but social media is a great place to start. Put your company out there, and people are bound to notice. That is, as long as you know how to lure them. If you need help promoting your company through social media in any way—whether it be seeing what your competitors are doing, creating more blog and video content or revamping your brand with a creative campaign—we’re more than happy to help.


 Don’t just tell people how great it is to work at your company. Show them. That’s the only way you’ll find the best candidates—or, better yet, they’ll find you.



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